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Atelier Glassier

Seashore Seconds Sand Watch

Seashore Seconds Sand Watch

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Experience the beauty and mystery of the ocean with the Seashore Seconds Sand Watch from Atelier Glassier. This stunning timepiece captures the essence of the seaside, with its mesmerizing sand timer design and elegant craftsmanship.

Crafted from high-quality glass, the Seashore Seconds Sand Watch features a unique, sculptural design that's inspired by the natural beauty of the beach. The sand timer mechanism measures time in a truly unique way, adding a touch of artistry to your home or office.

As each grain of sand slowly trickles through the hourglass, you'll be transported to a peaceful seaside retreat, where the sound of the waves and the gentle sea breeze soothe your soul. This beautiful piece makes for an unforgettable gift for any ocean lover or timepiece collector.

With its exquisite design and unparalleled quality, the Seashore Seconds Sand Watch is a true work of art. Experience the magic of the ocean and the beauty of time with Atelier Glassier, and add a touch of luxury to your life.

  • Comes in a velvet box.
  • Handmade in Turkey.
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